Expo Formis

Expo Formis is a collaboration between Lion van den Brand and Jeroen Verschoor.  This project is an investigation into new presentation methods for photography.


In the present-day information era we are continuously flooded by images. This has taken a huge resort after the arrival of the Social Media and as a result, we seem to be " flattened " for the picture as an information carrier and art object. Everyone is familiar with the archetype of the museum visitor who, after a quick look at the work, quickly turns to the white sign with the description, the savior, to immediately settle on the next job. We have forgotten how to look at a work of art and therefore also lost part of the experience. However, the function of art is to enrich its viewers! With our different experiments, we hope to inspire the viewer how to look and perceive photography as an object of art again and challenge to make an image a personal experience.


We have constructed a couple of presentation methods that will expose photography in a different way. We have constructed a large 'viewbox ' which contains a picture that is covered from the outside. The viewer can only view the picture through a loupe, which can be moved over the entire picture. We also constructed a large-format diaprojector which we used to project 4x5 inch dia's for ultra high-quality projections on an entire wall for example. Next to this, we immersed ourselves into stereo-photography , while not a new concept , it still is a very actual presentation method . These experiments together with a short film in which we played with perspective, we had an exhibition in which exposed all our experiments.


Marmer quarry's in Carrara, Italy. Digital scan of a 4x5 inch dia.


Stereo photo's showing the inside of a Marmer quarry (to properly see these photo's in 3D you will need a stereo viewer)


An open marmer quarry. This picture was used inside the 'viewbox'.


The exhibition of the experiments at Salon Drie, Nijmegen. Hosted by Thijmen Sietsma.


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